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    The Certification Process





Three steps to get your business certified

step 1: apply

Complete the Enquiry Form online or give us a call to discuss your needs with our friendly staff. Our staff will talk you through our certification process and how Certification could fit with your business.

step 2: review

Our Auditor will visit you and review your procedures. The Auditor will assess whether your procedures meet the requirements of the Standard. Any areas needing work to meet the requirements of the Standard will be explained to you.

The Auditor will also spend time explaining what steps you need to take in order to implement the System in your business. Following the visit, you will receive an audit report highlighting those areas which require further work.

step 3: certification

The Auditor will visit you again. This time, the Auditor will ensure that all areas identified at Step 2 have been addressed. The Auditor will also assess the effectiveness of the System and how it has been implemented in your business.

If there are any areas that require additional work, the Auditor will explain them to you. In most cases, there will be no need for an additional visit and we will send you an audit report with your certificate.

Certification Services


Certification made easy

Simple and Cost-Effective Certification Services

Simple and hassle-free

We have made the ISO Certification process simple and friendly by eliminating bureaucracy and meaningless jargon.

Customer Oriented

Our Auditors are experienced business people with a practical, no-nonsense approach to Certification. Your Auditor will focus on your business needs, ensuring that your Management System is efficient and beneficial for your business.


We understand the improvement that ISO Certification can bring to your bottom line and MSC Global will professionally conclude your audit process as efficiently as possible.


Our efficient processes ensure a cost-effective certification service.

Client feedback

Professionalism of MSC Global staff at all levels.

The Audit was comprehensive, however did not affect our day to day operations whilst the audit was being completed.  The entire process was a pleasure to be a part of with thought provoking discussions, comments and actions that have led to a greater compliance level in our business.

Everything went well. Information was relayed so it could be understood and to assist with the process itself.

Very happy with the audit process and Auditor. Important could get on well with Mike who understood what needed to be achieved, and also the report contents after the audit.

I give MSC Global 10/10 for everything!

MSC Global staff were co-operative and patient. This is particularly important when it’s a new process for someone. I found the process to be easy and more straightforward than expected. We will be happy to recommend MSC Global’s services.

We have a very strong relationship with the auditor.

We feel that the relationship is based on respect and honesty. He raises helpful questions without coaching. We have already recommended MSC Global to other companies.

We appreciated the low profile & non-interventionist approach of MSC Global…

As opposed to our previous Certification Body. The quote was competitive, staff were prompt in answering our queries and all documentation was sent in a timely manner.

Outstanding friendly informative service and process

Very happy with how Auditor made the whole process less daunting and more manageable

Everything went really well. Learnt a lot from the Auditor who has not held back from providing as much assistance as possible during and after the audit

Excellent experience as Auditor was so pleasant and explained everything, making the whole experience wonderful. Was expecting a rigid and impersonal Auditor

Very happy with Max. Good experience with whole process, especially as a first timer being certified. Everything was clear with no uncertainty

It was very important in having an auditor that does understand our operations but one who also listens. It was a was a good experience for us as a group