MSC Global has a procedure in place to deal with appeals and complaints from Certification clients and potential clients. MSC Global wishes to assure all its clients that it takes appeals and complaints seriously and responds professionally.

If the client wishes to appeal against the decision made by MSC Global’s Certification Panel, an appeal should be made in writing or alternatively by telephone. All appeals are registered by our Office Manager and acknowledged in writing within two working days of receipt.

A member of the Management Review Committee or the Impartiality and Confidentiality Committee will be allocated the appeal and will, after contacting the appellant, write a briefing paper detailing the nature of the appeal and the facts as they apply. Any person nominated by MSC Global to manage the appeal will be completely independent from MSC Global’s management.

If necessary, there will be a hearing relating to the appeal and MSC Global will advise the appellant of hearing dates, venues and times.

If the investigation process takes more than 10 working days, MSC Global will communicate with the appellant and update the appellant on the anticipated date of response.

The appellant will be advised of the decision in writing.

If the appellant is not satisfied with the committee’s decision, it has the right to seek redress from JAS-ANZ.

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