We have simplified the certification process to help your Organisation become Certified in the most cost and time effective way possible.

We follow the ‘Three Step’ process for Certification – a simple, easy to understand process which allows you to certify your business in three easy steps:

Step One – Application
Complete the online application form or give us a call to discuss your needs with our friendly staff. Our staff will talk you through our certification process and how Certification could fit with your business.

If you require assistance with completing the application form, our staff will be delighted to assist you.

Step Two – Review
Our office will arrange for an Auditor to visit your business to review your procedures. The Auditor will then assess whether your procedures meet the requirements of the Standard. This process involves comparing your current System against the requirements of the Standard. This is called the Stage 1 audit.

By minimising the time required from your staff and management during the review, our Auditor reduces the disruption to your business.

Any areas needing additional work to meet the requirements will be explained to you. The Auditor will also spend time explaining the steps you need to take in order to implement the System in your business. Following the visit, you will receive a report highlighting any areas requiring further work.

The review normally takes one or two days but may take slightly longer for larger firms.

Step Three – Certification
The Auditor will see you again to ensure all areas identified in step two were addressed. The Auditor will also assess the System’s effectiveness and how it was implemented in your business. If any areas require additional work, the Auditor will explain them to you. This is called the Stage 2 audit.

The audit normally takes one or two days but may be slightly longer for larger firms.

There will be no need for an additional visit in most cases, and we will send you the audit report with your certificate.

Annual Audits
Our Auditor will conduct annual audits to confirm your continued compliance with the Standard. Yearly audits are a mandatory requirement of the Standard to maintain a valid Certification. A Recertification audit is conducted at the end of each 3-year cycle, when a new certificate is issued. This is an ongoing cycle, required in order to maintain your Certification.