Looking for a more client-oriented service? A service recommended by many as honest, respectful, reliable, patient and understanding? Then look no further.

If you are already certified, you have the right to change your Certification Body for any reason.

With competitive quotes receiving a thumbs up from clients, we make the process of transferring completely hassle free with no excessive paperwork. We do it all for you.

So long as your Certification is current, all you need to do to have MSC Global become your Certification Body, is to call us and seek a quote.

We will go through the application form with you and make sure we have all your details correct and we will provide you with a quote. If you’re happy with the quote, you will need to complete our client agreement form which we will send you at the same time as the quote.

You won’t have to contact your original Certification Body because we will handle all of the correspondence with it and put things in place so we can audit your systems by the due date.