HACCP is the best known Food Safety Standard which allows you to identify critical safety points and reduce the hazards associated with food growing, handling, storage and preparation.
HACCP is an important aid for all businesses which are in the food chain.

Who should be HACCP assured?
All companies which grow, handle or process food should consider developing Systems which are based on HACCP Principles and becoming HACCP Certified.

HACCP System
The HACCP System is a step-by-step, practical process which aims to identify points in the food management process which are critical to the safety of the food and therefore the safety of food consumers.
These points have specific controls and limits established and as a consequence, the safety of the food is enhanced.

HACCP Certification
HACCP Certification entails an inspection of the food premises and confirmation of accurate and current documentation. Certification Bodies with Auditors who are skilled and trained in Food Safety are able to conduct the audits and recommend Certification of food businesses. Audits are usually conducted annually.

HACCP is used worldwide by large and small organisations, both in public and private sectors. The Standard specifies the most important requirements to identify, control and monitor food safety within an organisation.

The benefits

  • You will have a food Management System which addresses food safety
  • You will meet the Food Safety requirements of many companies to whom you sell product
  • You will be able to demonstrate that you have taken food safety seriously and will be much less likely to be in breach of Food Safety regulations
  • You will have a competitive advantage over companies which don’t have HACCP Accreditation

Our approach to Certification
Our practical, no-nonsense approach means reducing as much red tape and paperwork as possible.
Our Auditors will work with you to:

  • Identify whether your System is compliant with the HACCP Standard
  • Give guidance on improvements which are best practice
  • Give guidance as to how your System can be simplified

Our simple Certification process allows you to achieve Certification to the HACCP Standard quickly and cost effectively.