If a client or potential client has a complaint about the way in which MSC Global is managing the client’s interests, MSC Global encourages the registering of a complaint.

A client complaint can relate to any matter which the client believes adversely or potentially adversely impacts on the client’s Certification. This may include the impartiality of a member of the MSC Global team.

If possible, the complaint should be made in writing but alternatively it can be made by direct contact with the office.

MSC Global will respond in writing to the complaint within two working days. The General Manager will personally investigate the complaint as long as the complaint does not relate specifically to the General Manager. If this is the case, the General Manager will refer the complaint to an independent party for resolution.

The complainant will be advised in writing of the decision relating to the complaint.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision, the complaint will be referred to the Certification Committee, and if the complainant remains dissatisfied, the General Manager will advise the complainant of external resolution options.

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