Use of the Company logo(s) and JAS-ANZ mark by Clients is strictly controlled. Clients are not permitted to use the IAF MLA mark.

Clients can use the MSC Global logo(s) and JAS-ANZ mark on stationery, documents and/or publicity material as long as this use is within the scope of the Client’s certification, and subject to JAS-ANZ requirements.

Clients are not permitted to apply the Company logo(s) or JAS-ANZ mark to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports.

Clients are not permitted to apply the Company logo(s) or JAS-ANZ mark to any product or product packaging or accompanying information. Product packaging is considered as that which can be removed without the product disintegrating or being damaged. Accompanying information is considered as separately available or easily detachable. Type labels or identification plates are considered as part of the product. The Client shall in no way imply that the product, process or service is certified by this means.

Any statement on product packaging or in accompanying information that the certified Client has a certified Management System shall include reference to:

  1. Identification (e.g. brand or name) of the certified Client;
  2. The type of Management System (e.g. Quality, Safety, Environment) and the applicable Standard;
  3. The Company.

The JAS-ANZ mark cannot be used by clients unless it relates in whole or in part to the scope of the scheme under which the rights of the mark had been obtained.

The Client does not have the right to use the JAS-ANZ mark in isolation of the Company’s logo(s).

The Client may not use the JAS-ANZ mark in any way which implies or states that any party other than JAS-ANZ, including governments of Australia and New Zealand, have certified or approved the activities of the Client, or in any other misleading way.

Where the Client uses the JAS-ANZ mark on stationery, documents and/or promotional materials, it shall include on the same sheet of paper the Company logo(s), not disproportionately represented with reference to the actual mark, and positioned in a manner that ensures that the relationship between the Company logo(s) and mark is obvious.

If for any reason the Client has its certification cancelled by the Company, the Client will immediately cease to use the Company’s logo(s) and JAS-ANZ mark on any promotional material and also cease the use and distribution of any certificate(s) which show the logo(s) and mark.